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Steps to Renew License

Step 1: Login to www.my1port.com (as admin).

Step 2: You may click on the blinking icon to renew your license.

Step 3: By clicking the system will bring you to Company Registration Page.

Step 4: Company Registration page will be shown for you to edit any necessary information belongs to your company.

Otherwise, you can just click button.

Step 5: You may click on other options from Left Menu if require any other changes on your company information.

Step 6: Do make sure you will agree on the Terms & Condition from the Acknowledgement option.

Step 7: To proceed for Renew License activation, you are requires to do submission. Please click on from the left menu.


Step 8: As usual, submission should require an authorized person details as below

Step 9: Finally, you may click for LPK's approval and system will prompt a confirmation message upon your submission.


Step 10: Should you receive email notification from LPK as approved, meaning your license has activated.


Step 11: The blinking notification will no longer shows at your page upon activation.

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